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Stay Safe and Hassle-Free with Our Ice Melt Barrels!

We Started using these ice melt barrels in our HOA communities a few years ago and homeowners absolutely love it! Now we are extending this service to you, whether it be your home or business we’ve got you covered!


Sizing Options

5 Sizes to choose from

Traditional              (Concrete Safe)

10 Gallon $40         ($75)

20 Gallon $60        ($100)

32 Gallon $75        ($125)

44 Gallon $100       ($150)

55 Gallon $125       ($175)

Ice Melt Options

Traditional Ice Melt (Salt good to -15F) 

Concrete Safe Ice Melt (Good to 0F)

Fill Pricing

Traditional                                 (Concrete Safe

10 Gallon $12 per half fill         ($21 per half fill)      

20 Gallon $20 Per Half Fill      ($37 per half fill)

32 Gallon $27 Per 1/3 Fill         ($45 per 1/3 fill)

44 Gallon $35 Per 1/3 Fill         ($60 per 1/3 Fill)

55 Gallon $43.75 Per 1/3 Fill    ($75 per 1/3 Fill)

Fill Procedure

Once your Barrel with first fill has been delivered you will be given a “Fill Day”, Each week on this day you put your Barrel out if you would like it filled up and we come by and fill it! 

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