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We love to hear from our customers.  We cannot improve without good, constructive, honest feedback.

2023 Winter Snow.jpg

I live in the Meadows at Elm Creek Homeowners Association (in Champlin MN) and Speedcutters has been responsible for snow removal this past winter.   Even with the "crazy" record snow, Speedcutters was able to stay "ahead of the game" with timely and useful information regarding their plans as to snow removal for any particular snow event. It was uniquely gratifying to check emails any time of the day and night and find a message from Speedcutters stating exactly how and when they were planning on responding to the latest weather conditions. Numerous updates were often received during the many lengthy snow events that occurred this winter. The communications were always honest, even to include updates on status of equipment and crew availability. Yes, sometimes equipment was unavailable, or crews were short staffed due to work fatigue.............but we as customers were always informed! And Speedcutters always implemented work arounds to complete show removal tasks on a timely basis. Kudos to the entire team for a tremendous effort! A personal thank you to all!

Brad Goodell

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